[MINISTRY] - France: Israel's Holocaust Museum: “human fat wasn't used by Nazis”; Alain Soral, Frenchman, 1yr jail for agreeing - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Apr 21 16:13:06 PDT 2019

Though shalt not poke fun at certain often-triple bracketted

Especially not by posting a lawyer's brief on your blog!

Do NOT post lawyers brief's on yer blog if they reference certain
triple bracketted tribesfolks, folks! Seriously, ANYone should know
the basics of respect for le Juif! It's, like, 2019 already¡

Especially in France where "Chutzpah Hebdo" gifs on your prominent
comedy blog result in your own lawyer defending said comedy being
charged a fine of $5,000 for defending you.

France is funny.

Funny like a random 800 year old Gothic cathedral burnt as random
propaganda to try to unite the people and break le Gilet Jaunes.

  The Lampshades and Soap are Back: Frenchman Sentenced to a Year in
  Prison for Denying Them

    If you thought the lampshades and bars of soap had been consigned
    to the mythology of the “Holocaust”, think again. Frenchman Alain
    Soral has just been sentenced to a year in prison for denying
    them. He did this by posting, on his website, a brief written by
    his lawyer, Damien Vigier, related to another case.

      In the text, Viguier says the shoes and wig were a “reference
      to memorial sites and sites of pilgrimage” that were “brought
      together to stir readers’ imaginations.”

      Concerning the wig, Viguier wrote “haircuts occur in all places
      of concentration for reasons of hygiene,” and said claims that
      Nazis made soap from human fat and lampshades from human skin
      were “war propaganda”.

   As far as I’m aware, no serious historian now maintains that the
   stories of Jews being turned into lampshades and bars of soap were
   anything but fiction.

   … we’ve reached the point where objective truth no longer matters.

   The lawyer was also fined 5000 euros for simply writing a brief
   that defended his client from the charges laid against him!


   Jews are gloating about their latest victory over him.

     The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism
     praised the ruling, saying the decision to impose a prison
     sentence on Soral, who has been convicted in the past, shows the
     “exceptional character” of the decision.

     …“We will continue to prosecute Mr. Soral as long as he makes
     anti-Jewish remarks,” said attorney Ilana Soskin, representing
     the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, which
     brought the January complaint against Soral.

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