All that fuss and bother about Mendax

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Sun Apr 21 00:56:21 PDT 2019

Our comrade Mendax has a way with the ladies, including accomplished
professionals like Argentine Ambassador to the UK (2006-2011) Alicia Castro:

"Then we succeeded that he would be allowed to have a kitten, whose
company he greatly enjoyed, and whose presence at the embassy has
generated one of the most odd and obtuse amongst the complaints raised
by the current president of Ecuador."

In my opinion, the whole current mess is not fair to James.  Does anyone
know who's looking after him now?

Meanwhile, here's a rare find:  Sensible commentary on the state of play
on the legal front:

For the new kids:  The theory behind the practice of Wikileaks in a
brief and seemingly unfinished essay from Himself, courtesy of JYA:

Wikileaks was originally presented as a community project, a "Wikipedia
of" leaked documents, vetted and analyzed by a distributed network of
volunteers.  But when the Manning files showed up, Assange hijacked the
project and put it on lockdown, presumably due to security concerns when
presented with what may stand as The Leak Of The Century.

Our Mendax pissed a lot of people off, yrs. truly included - but when
Collateral Murder, War Diaries and Cablegate hit the nables, I forgave
all.  He surely knows the definition of "humility" but to him it must
forever remain an abstract concept.  Considering his impact on public
affairs, I must endorse his tendency to do whatever the fuck he thinks
will work.


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