Seasteading: Ocean Platformers Bug Out Thailand Death Penalty, Charter Regions

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Apr 19 16:39:50 PDT 2019

"Hunting us down to our death is just plain stupid and highlights
exactly the reason someone would be willing to go out in middle of
the ocean to get away from governments"

"To all those out there who want to control people's lives through
force, here's my big finger to you, you know where you can stick

"We hardly saw any fish out there. Now it like a fish sanctuary.
We see dolphins and tuna around our seastead all the time. It is
my theory that this small place is the only place the vast amount
of Thai fishing boats cannot go to so they thrive here as opposed
to in the open water where the fishing nets may sweep them up."

"Freedom loving people, come join us out on the open ocean".
"We have to count from zero to one to the hundred. You
cannot jump from zero to the hundred to be a big seastead.
Start with us now to get bigger. Create history."
-- Supranee "Nadia" Thepdet and Chad Elwartowski

Charter Cities, Special Development Regions

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