Cryptocurrency: Cockroach Protocols, End NYDFS Bitlicense, CSW Behavior Slammed Delist BSV

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Apr 19 00:33:07 PDT 2019
In the "nuclear war" between governments and blockchains, only the
cockroach protocols will survive.

"The key measures are censorship resistance, resiliency of the network
and community, and anonymity.
I have often thought this as well and wondered why anonymity features
aren't prioritized with Bitcoin.
It is beginning. The crackdown. The European Union introduced harsh
legislation against crypto currencies recently aswell. They can't take
that everything is becoming decentralized and out of their reach. Once
a decentralized system succeeds they can't do anything about it, there
is no organisation, no nothing they could attack. Their only advantage
now is the gateway to crypto currencies - FIAT. They will loose this
in the foreseeable future. If trading is made decentralized even for
fiat they can't do anything. They are loosing control on all fronts
and they are panicking. Decentralized marketplaces like open Bazar is
the next thing. On all fronts cryptos are offer decentralized
solutions and the government is watching live how things get out of
their hand.

Community Slams Craig Wright Behavior, BSV Gets Delisted
search news: CSW BSV
Many community voices transitioned on path similiar to below...

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