My second Facebook thoughtcrime in two weeks!

Steve Kinney admin at
Wed Apr 17 20:09:17 PDT 2019

Me so proud:

Just got locked out of The Facebook for the second time in two weeks,
this time thanks to a MegaChurch Xtian bitch I happen to know IRL, who
recognized herself "all to clearly" in this post and falsely reported it
as a TOS violation:

Don't y'all hate on me 'cause I have an account at The Facebook.  I set
it up when I needed to verify the promotional gimmicks I was building
into a couple of commercial websites - the effectiveness of "share on
Facebook" buttons (home made, non-tracking unless the sucker clicks on
them), positive control of the preview images and text presented, etc.

Once it was there, I started using the Facebook account to pump out
propaganda.  If nothing else, the local activist community noticed and I
got yanked into the scene and 'made use of.'  My kind of fun!

I encourage CPunks readers who also maintain accounts at The Facebook -
no need to confess that sin here - to share the above link.  Since it's
hosted on my website vs. presenting as your very own thoughtcrime, this
should not lead to any sanctions.  I will, of course, make the said link
my own first post once "allowed" to access The Facebook again.

Have you annoyed a polite, respectable Nazi Pig today?


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