Zero Knowledge Podcast

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Sat Apr 13 09:42:12 PDT 2019

Episode 72: zkSNARKs for Scale with Matter Labs
Episode 71: Getting Radicle with Julian Arni
Episode 70: Digging into DAI with Rune Christensen from Maker
Episode 69: Decentralised Storage with Arweave
Episode 68: Conversations at EthCC
Episode 67: Formal Verification with Martin Lundfall
Episode 66: ETH2.0 Update With Danny Ryan
Episode 65: Bridges, xDai and Burner Wallets with Igor & Austin
Episode 64: Unleashing Melon into the wild with Jenna Zenk
Episode 63: Proxy re-encryption and FHE with NuCypher
Episode 62: The path to an ERC standard
Episode 61: Statistical modeling of PoS systems with Tarun Chitra
Episode 60: Cryptography 101: Multi-Party Computations
Episode 59: STARKs & StarkWare with Eli and Alessandro
Episode 58: Kicking off 2019 with Jutta Steiner
Episode 57: Merklize this! Merkle Trees & Patricia Tries
Episode 56: Get to know a Core Dev: Martin Holst Swende
Episode 55: ETHSingapore in review
Episode 54: Digging into recursive zkSNARKs with Coda
Episode 53: Get to know a Core Dev: Péter Szilágyi
Episode 52: Vlad and Gav go head-to-head on blockchain governance
Episode 51: Exploring Spacemesh with Julian Loss
Episode 50: Zooko talks Zcash on our 50th episode
Episode 49: Blockchain 101: Cryptoeconomic Primitives and Staking
Episode 48: Talking UX with Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto
Episode 47: Chat with Richard Craib from Numerai
Episode 46: Gavin Wood on Polkadot, Sharding and Substrate
Episode 45: P2P messaging with Henri from Streamr
Episode 44: Blockchain 101: Transaction lifecycle & the mempool
Episode 43: Hudson Jameson talks EIPs and Ethereum core decision-making
Episode 42: ETHPrize & Open Source Block Explorers
Episode 41: Zokrates with Jacob Eberhardt
Episode 40: Benedikt Bünz on Bulletproofs and Verifiable Delay Functions
Episode 39: Matthew Di Ferrante on the security of blockchain clients
Episode 38: Intro to zkSNARKs with Howard Wu
Episode 37: Sharding Update With Prysmatic Labs
Episode 36: Eric Tang of Livepeer talks off-chain computation
Episode 35: Testnets with Ethan from Tendermint
Episode 34: Blockchain 101: What are smart contracts?
Episode 33: Open Source Incentivization and Sustainability with OSCoin
Episode 32: Zero Knowledge at Zcon0!
Episode 31: Blockchain 101: Blocks & Block Headers
Episode 30: Open Organizations & Governance with Colony
Episode 29: The DAO, the white hat hacker group & Giveth with Griff
Episode 28: ETHBuenosAires in review
Episode 27: Zeppelin and a chat about upgradability
Episode 26: What and why of eWasm with Lane and Alex
Episode 25: Storage rent with Phil Daian
Episode 24: Blockchain UX and the UXUnConf
Episode 23: Blockchain 101: get your full node running!
Episode 22: Developer Education in Blockchain
Episode 21: Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs
Episode 20: Ecosystem development with Jon Choi of Ethereum Foundation
Episode 19: ZK Summit, sharding, testnets and ASIC resistance
Episode 17: Discussing Plasma and Storage Rent with Karl Floersch and Phil Daian
Episode 16: Talking security with JP Smith from Trail of Bits
Episode 15: Chatting about consensus algorithms with Robert Habermeier
Episode 14: Diving deep into DFINITY
Episode 13: Bloom filters, PoA and what's up with ERP?
Episode 12: How to become a blockchain developer? We ask Gavin Wood
Episode 11: Pragma's new tools and staying agile in blockchain
Episode 10: Blockchain, Open-Source & Security
Episode 9: Bootnodes, Databases and News
Episode 8: Decentralized Storage Part 2: Solutions
Episode 7: Decentralized Storage Part 1: Looking back
Episode 6: s/2017/2018: our New Year's Podcast
Episode 5: A fireside chat with a couple Parity peeps
Episode 4: Dapps and Kitties
Episode 3: Hard Forks
Episode 2: PoW, what is it and why do we want PoS
Episode 1: RustFest 2017 in Review

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