Internet Archive Labeled Terrorist, Political Takedown Pending

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Apr 11 18:19:14 PDT 2019

We've been trying to explain for the past few months just how
absolutely insane the new EU Terrorist Content Regulation will be for
the internet. Among many other bad provisions, the big one is that it
would require content removal within one hour as long as any
"competent authority" within the EU sends a notice of content being
designated as "terrorist" content. The law is set for a vote in the EU
Parliament just next week. And as if they were attempting to show just
how absolutely insane the law would be for the internet, multiple
European agencies (we can debate if they're "competent") decided to
send over 500 totally bogus takedown demands to the Internet Archive
last week, claiming it was hosting terrorist propaganda content. [...]
And just in case you think that maybe the requests are somehow legit,
they are so obviously bogus that anyone with a browser would know they
are bogus. Included in the list of takedown demands are a bunch of the
Archive's "collection pages" including the entire Project Gutenberg
page of public domain texts, it's collection of over 15 million freely
downloadable texts, the famed Prelinger Archive of public domain films
and the Archive's massive Grateful Dead collection. Oh yeah, also a
page of CSPAN recordings. So much terrorist content!

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