“these PC types want to legislate that people have to treat the psychologically aberrated as if they were normal”

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Apr 8 19:44:00 PDT 2019

Zerowedgie (Justin Spittler via CaseyResearch.com):

“these PC types want to legislate that people have to treat the
 psychologically aberrated as if they were normal”

So, remind me again, whom is running the cultural Marxism agenda and
programming campain (at least in the Western world)?

Oh that's right, those whom we may not criticize, those whom are
supposedly somehow simultaneously the most victimized, and the most
wealthy and powerful, tribe in the world.

Could it be that the most {supposedly victimised, actually powerful}
tribe in the world has gotten a little paranoid?  Or that perhaps
they always were? (For values of "always" on a vector of ~2000 to
~5000 years.)

Could there be some reason ("conspiracy of that tribe who intend
such") to the endless programming that "psychological abnormality
must be treated as normal/mainstream"?

Hazarding an utterly random guess, perhaps, ahem, certain triple
bracketed folks perceive themselves as psychologically abnormal and
desiring of great legislative/sanhedrin protection of their

Could it be that Huwaities are seen as superior due to some long
suppressed tribal guilt complex for nailing to a cross someone with a
rather high IQ and quite probably savant-tier personal development
and abilities, some 2000 years ago?  Could it be that Huwaitie
represents all this to those whom may not be criticized and so to
really, truly, finally bury that gnawing racial/tribal guilt, shame
and consequent despondency and even despair, requires denying to said
Huwaitie his right ... to exist?

By culturally destroying family, the cultural foundations of values
(those values valued by those existing in this particular 'culture'),
can that culture even exist?

Thus, "it's NOT OK to be White you racist, *phobic, bigoted N⁂ƶi!"
and "Whitey, you are the cause of all evil, you are evil incarnate,
and you have not right to exist and everything about you must be

Can we separate the achievements of a civilization (e.g. the West)
from the foundations (in this case Christianity) that gave rise to
these achievements, that gave rise "libertae, fraternitae, agalitae"

Let's continue to create our shared world.

  We be, we love.

    We live, we grow.

      We behold, we share.

We are the future, now.

We show up - in our lives, in our communities.

Leave it not to those who fail to share our own
common sense, our love, our ideals.

This, now, is OUR time!

  'Boobus Americanus', The CIA, & How The PC Movement Is
  Destroying The World

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