Oceanix City: SeaSteading the Blue Frontiers

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On Wednesday, the United Nations convened its first ever round table
on floating cities. WIRED was in attendance to hear about one specific
proposal -- Oceanix City -- the creation of a co-founder of Blue
Frontiers, the for-profit wing of the Thiel-backed Seasteading
Institute. This project, he says, is less about libertarianism and
more about survival. It sounds like paradise, but many technological,
economic, and political hurdles will have to be overcome before it's a
reality. "Oceanix City was designed by the renowned Danish architect
Bjarke Ingels, along with dozens of experts from institutions like the
UN and MIT," Wired reports. "According to Ingels, who lives on a
houseboat himself, residents of the floating city will use 100 percent
renewable energy, eat only plant-based food, produce zero waste, and
provide housing affordable to all, not just the rich."

"At the core of Oceanix City is a 4.5-acre hexagonal floating platform
that is meant to host up to 300 people," the report adds. "These
platforms are modular, meaning they can be linked to form larger
communities as they tessellate across the surface of the ocean. Each
platform will be anchored to the ocean floor using biorock, a material
that is harder than concrete and can be grown using minerals found in
the ocean, which could make the anchor more secure over time. These
anchors might also serve as the seeds of artificial reefs to
rejuvenate aquatic ecosystems around the floating city." The
community's needs and city's location will determine the design of
each platform. For example, some could act as barriers to limit the
impact of waves; while others could be dedicated to agriculture. Wired
goes on to discuss the political and technological challenges
associated with these floating cities.

"The plan for the first Oceanix City is to moor it about a mile off
the coast of a major city," reports Wired. "If one of these ocean-top
communities were to get parked near New York City, for example, the
floating community could be treated as a new borough, or a separate
city under the jurisdiction of the state..."

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