Facebook Censorship? I'm banned right now!

Steve Kinney admin at pilobilus.net
Sat Apr 6 12:42:45 PDT 2019

On 4/6/19 12:19 PM, jim bell wrote:> Jim Bell's comment:
> If a well-functioning AP-type system were available, Zuckerberg
wouldn't even dream of doing this.
> Mark Zuckerburg wants censorship to protect his business model:

I just got my first three day suspension from The Facebook, for
"Bullying and Harassment."  We all know how the internet interprets
censorship and what it does; here's the offending text:


The offending text contains none of the following:  Hate speech,
disparagement of any person or product, incitement to violence,
solicitation of crime, commercial content, personal attacks of any kind,
violent or sexual language of any kind.  It was on-topic in the reply
thread where I posted it.

My thoughtcrime?  I questioned the accuracy of the New Zeland Mosque
shooter's video, without explicitly describing anything in it.  Then I
very briefly speculated on the propaganda intent of the video,
concluding that the two most obvious but seemingly 100% contradictory
objectives would /both/ serve Corporate State interests by "playing both
ends against the middle."

Bullying and harassment?  On second thought, maybe I /did/ break some
Perfect Citizen's brain and send him howling into the night.  If so, go
and do ye likewise.


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