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Ryan Carboni 33389 at
Wed Apr 3 16:49:59 PDT 2019

“You couldn’t go to H&R Block and say, hey these 23 operations are federal...”

Well sheeit, this stuff is more secret than top secret, blacker than black, got to have absolute secrecy. I don’t know where the government finds their contractors, but none of them are trustworthy, trust me.

You know, I don’t know what investigators he worked with, but I say keep Lesnak, fire the rest of them, at least Lesnak is worth something.

And the funny thing is that Lesnak was involved in international cigarette smuggling with the future President of Paraguay.

Did the ATF work with Trump? Maybe ATF is deep state. The ATF selects world leaders.

The US Government and the media is illegitimate and impotent.

I just can’t take the US government seriously. If they say they are going to do something, I wouldn’t even rely on them to do it.

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