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On 4/1/19, Tom A. <thomasasta at> wrote:

> Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Syncing bookmarks
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> Spot-On Encryption Suite: Democratization of Multiple & Exponential Encryption
> Scott Edwards

> Hi Anan, there is a p2p URL storage and sharing tool, which is based on
> either a SQLite or PostgreSQL DB;
> the function is to save your URLs (by RSS or crawler or manual entry),
> inkluding the website text and a search engine, which is searching within
> your encrypted content of your database: the database is encrypted and so
> are the URL transfers from node to another node or DB. Ideal to create an
> index of Onion Urls and Websites. Even with revisions for the webesite, in
> case two times spidered. See the manual for further details_
> The database is symmetrical encrypted, that means with a path DB->Python
> (because it has AES encryption) -> Apache -> php/Javascript eith
> encryption, one can even bring the URLs to a web interface. That way Tor
> URLs can be brought to a web search engine even with content - to refresh
> the Website one then need of course to have Tor. This might be part of your
> evaluation to store your URLs in a Database, as it is encrypted and
> provides options to be searched and brought to your website.
> Regards Tom

Still at it aren't you Tom?
Ever get those reproducible builds of your binaries done?
Ever stop censoring and closing your Sourceforge forums
when people critique your work?
Ever quit the shill press releases out to trashy tech
link farms trying to game credibility engines?
How about claiming working with or the EFF endorsed you,
that didn't work so well did it?
Ever submit any legit papers to legit crypto and network
forums for open peer review... ever do any of that beyond
spamming them with gibberish announcements and
dubious follow on's like the above?

Ever provide any direct and real answers to
any of the above people have asked you since
inception years ago? No?

But hey, you got yourselves a link on Amazon,
that's impressive. It must be April Fools Day.
Maybe you'll make the NYT Bestseller List
and pay your way into a legit audit. Or not. Lol.

Bitcoin was anon too, but they did it right,
none of the above games, and it passed.

Unfortunately your methods are still preceding
your products regardless of whether they're
any good or not. Could be, but who is going
to bother given that to date, April's Fools?

Seems like that's your goal.
Prove differently.

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