Personal Black Box?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Sep 30 23:53:31 PDT 2018

Cell networks make sense due to first hop bandwidth efficiency.
However they will never provide this service in the way you
might want, ie: both fully encrypted, and accessible / deletable
anywhere anytime, only by "you" anonymously via only key
material if desired such as with prepaids. They are stupid legacy,
and deep in the surveillance and court / legal games, and just
won't do it in a way that benefits only you by your design.

Any current android should be able to stream / upload
to any shell or other storage service, even some p2p.

Kickstarter would probably be a win too.

Better to just move away from the thugs beforehand
than try to mop up after your ass gets broken.

search also: wearable lifecam

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