latest false flag attack?

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> >> Another thing you will find there is that the rating is for the
> >> resistance of the column and the fire protective material taken
> >> together, rather than for the fire protective material alone.
> > 
> > 
> > 	OK - where's the source for that.

	I don't see anything to back your claim there. 
	This is the only related section I can find.

	"704.2Column protection.

Where columns are required to have protection to achieve a fire-resistance rating, the entire column shall be provided individual encasement protection by protecting it on all sides for the full column height, including connections to other structural members, with materials having the required fire-resistance rating. Where the column extends through a ceiling, the encasement protection shall be continuous from the top of the foundation or floor/ceiling assembly below through the ceiling space to the top of the column." 

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