latest false flag attack?

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from the NIST report on WTC7, downloaded directly from NIST's own website,

On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 2:41 AM Peter Fairbrother <peter at> wrote:

> Begins: "Never before or after 9/11 have steel framed buildings
> collapsed due to fire".
NIST report page xxxv: "This was the first known instance of the total
collapse of a tall building primarily due to fires."

in certain ways, having re-read a lot of this for the first time in years,
I'm inclined to side with the official explanation more than I used to be.
but if one is going to do that, it is dirty pool to argue against what the
report itself says in plain English at the same time. NIST engineers did/do
consider what happened at WTC7 to be unusual.

& again, a lot appears to be riding on the word "total."

NIST report, also page xxxv, also contradicting a fair amount of what some
here have said:

"Since WTC 7 was not doused with thousands of gallons of jet fuel, large
areas of any floor were not ignited simultaneously. Instead, the fires in
WTC 7 were similar to those that have occurred in several tall buildings
where the* automatic sprinklers did not function or were not present*. *These
other buildings did not collapse*, while WTC 7 succumbed to its fires."

if you want me to accept the NIST report, you can't ask us to accept
facts/reasoning based on one person's reasoning, when the NIST report
itself explicitly does not accept those facts or reasoning.

- z
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