latest false flag attack?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Sep 22 00:27:01 PDT 2018

>> >> Anyway, 9/11 was done by governments fuckery around the world.
>> >
>> > 9/11 was done by terrorists with boxcutters.
>> And as you well know, that was caused by the fuckery of
>> governments around the world. Thus the first above is true.
> 	So that's YET another thing.
> 	If 'terrist attacks' were actual retaliation for the crimes comitted by
> anglo-anmerican scum, accomplices and associates, then there should be a LOT
> MORE 'terrorism'.
> 	And yet, there isn't. There's only 'terrorism' when "america's defenses"
> need to be "rebuilt" for the next "american century", in which case a "new
> pear harbour" would come really handy.

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