latest false flag attack?

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> On 2018-09-19 10:48, juan wrote:
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> > 	
> > 	that can be seen AT THE END. Don't you know the difference between "starts" and "ends"?
> The building starts rotating and moving sideways at the very beginning, 
> and rotates at constant speed and moves sideways at constant speed all 
> the way down.
> Thus in a still photograph, that it *has* rotated and moved sideways is 
> more visible at the end than at beginning.

	See attached picture (yours). If you bother to count the floors you will see that at the time of that frame, 23 floors have gone down. That's half the building. Now, measure the angle I marked in red. It's 8 degrees, 10 at best if you correct for perspective. 

	So if the building "toppled like a tree" then at that time (half way through) it should be tilted FOURTY FIVE degrees, not 10. 

	So guess what? In reality the building has gone almost straight down, through itself, magically. And yes, the slight tilt is explained by the damage caused by a chunk of twin tower (not 'dead bodies') - but that's only 10% of what is seen. The other 90% of what is seen is pure controlled demolition. 

	But OK, I can change the score for WTC7 controlled demolition from 9/10 to 8.5/10. Still pretty good, you would agree.


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