latest false flag attack?

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Peter Fairbrother <peter at> wrote:

> > 	Also you are an expert on alloys who doesn't have a clue about the most basic laws of physics? Is that why you are ignoring the fact that huge steel structures do not magically collapse AS IF cut into pieces UNLESS they are cut into pieces, with bombs?
> That's not a law of physics - it's something you think is true and 
> relevant. It is neither.

	lol - it is the most basic laws of physics. If you have a bunch of stacked pieces or 'floors' they don't magically fall through themselves. Also, in a building the 'floors' are all connected. So there is a lattice of steel and it doesn't behave like cards in a house of cards...

> Steel structures can and do collapse. 

	I never said otherwise. And they especially collapse in seconds when blown up. See WTC7 for instance. 

> Bridges, all sorts. It's not like 
> WTC is the first, or only, large steel-framed building to collapse in a 
> fire.

	Really? Do you have 'evidence'? Please link other examples of similar buildings collapsing like WTC7. Thanks!

	Also, where is your EVIDENCE that the 'design docs' stated that the twin towers  would 'collapse' after '3 hours' of 'fire'? 

> WTC was not a simple steel structure; it was the concrete floors which 
> fell. The steel just failed to hold them up.

	Yes it failed after being cut and blown up.

> WTC did not collapse "as if cut into pieces" 

	Not as neatly as WTC7, granted but still the same phenomenom to a fair degre. But to be more accurate, there  must have been a mix of cutting charges and ordinary bombs - which is why there's stuff flying all around, hollywood-style.


>- the remaining undamaged 
> steel outer shell guided the falling mess downwards inside it. 
> Momentarily, at least.
> > 	Now, humour me. You've been a subscribed to the list for 16 years - but that doesn't mean that you are a 'crypto' anarchist, right? On the other hand, what does the fact that you parrot US military propaganda  tell 'us' about your political views?
> Try the list archives, as you don't believe a word I say.

	I tried the archives of the original list - apparently you never posted on that one. And I can only find ~30 messages from you in the current list. (I havent sorted the 2000/2010 archives yet)

	But meh, it doesn't matter. Fact is, right now, you are  parroting pure official propaganda. Yeah it was bin laden cause he hated those poor innocent wall street bankers and the brave amerikkkan soldiers.

> Or maybe Google cypherpunks fairbrother as "the" list archives is a bit 
> of a mess.
> >> -- Peter Fairbrother

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