latest false flag attack?

jamesd at jamesd at
Tue Sep 18 01:38:31 PDT 2018

On 2018-09-18 16:21, juan wrote:
> 	The rest of the fires were low temperature fires. Ask Peter.

You guys lie about what you saw, what I saw, and what everyone saw.

In this video, for the first 
minute, it is indeed mostly low temperature fire, but starting at 1:11 
we see a enormous amounts of hot flames and hot embers, pretty similar 
to what happens when you toss a whole lot of kerosene (jet fuel) on a 

>  	Barbecues here use carbonized wood. The exact same carbonized wood that is used to melt steel in a furnace with forced air. 

It is very difficult to melt steel with forced air over coke or charcoal.

You need to use oxygen or pre heated forced air (hearth furnace uses pre 
heated forced air)   These days people always use oxygen, since doing it 
with preheated forced air is on the very edge of what is possible.

The temperatures clearly visible on the videos were what one would 
expect of a wood and kerosene fire, which is easily hot enough to soften 
steel, but not hot enough to melt steel, and, at its hottest, hot enough 
to melt and burn aluminum.

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