latest false flag attack?

juan juan.g71 at
Tue Sep 11 21:40:11 PDT 2018

On Wed, 12 Sep 2018 11:25:29 +0800
jamesd at wrote:

> On 12/09/2018 02:52, juan wrote:
> > 	THe towers didnt pancake and WTC7 is a masterpiece of controlled demolition,
> WT7 is not a masterpiece of controlled demolition.  It tilts towards the 
> big holes created by the plane 

	LMAO - no holes were created by 'the plane' because no plane hit it. Some minor damage was caused by debris....and that has nothing to do with the fact that WTC7 remains a masterpiece of controlled demolition. A lot more orderly than other examples of controlled demolition. 

	You probably forgot that you robotically (as per your govt contract) vomited the same stuff last year and you were retarded enough to randomly link a video...done by people who explain the controlled demolition of WTC7

	So let me link  (again) your OWN video - watch the whole thing, up to the end when examples of bad controlled demolition are shown.

	see? YOU linked that video last year as if it proved your propaganda claims =) - priceless =) 

> like a tree falling towards the axeman's 
> notch.
> If controlled demolition, would have gone straight down.

	and it goes straight down, at free fall speed. Whatever minor tilting there's at the end it's a lot less than many other examples of **controlled demolition**

	So again, WTC7 is a masterpiece of controlled demolition showing complete free fall and minimum deviation from the ideal case.



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