latest false flag attack?

Mirimir mirimir at
Sun Sep 9 21:52:00 PDT 2018

On 09/09/2018 07:50 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:
> On 09/09/2018 09:22 PM, Mirimir wrote:
>> Someone did, for sure. It could have been Israel and/or Saudi Arabia
>> also. I suspect that they're all connected, in some clusterfuck way.
> Permission to speak freely?
> Fuck that.  As even Dim (the dimmest of us all) would say, "I don't need
> no permission from the likes of you."


> The architects of the 911 Event did a great job, and I doubt we will
> ever be able to prove a God damned thing about who done it.  Big clue:
> If you ever beat Donald Rumsfeld at a game he cares about, you can
> consider yourself Something Special.  He's that good.
> Israel's greasy fingerprints are present ...

Yes, I remember reading about all that, at the time.


> Everyone Knows that most of the nominal hijackers were Saudi nationals.
> But in real life, most of them remain John Does:  Because the real
> people whose identities were stolen by the hijackers turned up alive,
> well, and thoroughly pissed off after they were named as dead hijackers.
>  A minor flaw in the plan... presenting no indicators of who actually
> did the thing, other than that Saudi intel and their American friends
> were well positioned to do the identity theft thing against Saudi
> nationals.


I didn't follow that closely. And anyway, it'd be impossible to verify
for plebs like me. But does it matter, if Saudi intel was involved? And
maybe top Saudis are actually Jewish. I mean, it's just a technical
difference. Not that they believe that religious shit, in any case.

> That Hellfire missile a Predator drone fired before crashing into the
> Pentagon scored a direct hit on an auditor's office. ...

Again, I have no clue. And again, why does it matter whether they
crashed an airplane or a missile into the damn thing?


> I <3 history.  It's everything that ever happened!  And thanks to the
> Future Shock phenomenon x teh interwebz, I have watched SO much of it
> happen...
> :o/

Yeah, me too.

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