free speech or die, mofos! - Lana Lokteff calls for action 'gainst Big Tech - [PEACE] [MINISTRY]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sat Sep 29 15:00:37 PDT 2018

 But muh corporations must be free!
 Muh muffugin shares!
 Muh "free" corporate monopolies!
 Muhfuggin Libertarian rights!

 Suck it up buttercup - you be sheep, nyet gazillionaire$;
 we be trenchin from now, from here, not there in
 your utopian imagi-bullshit-nation.

 But muh upotian bushtits are the best buffslishts we ebbah
 seen in dum histary off muh world!??? Surely?!?!?!?!?

 Non! You bin edumacated, muh fellow sheeple!
 Wake up and smell (((thy shit)))!

Leading Russian-American Alt-Right YouTuber Makes a Great Case for
Laws Against Censorship (Lana Lokteff)

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