On why Jews are (literally) superior to Gentiles (subset of of the goy) - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Sep 22 16:30:08 PDT 2018

So Jews are literally superior to the Huwaite Goyim in few simple,
but important, ways:

 - Jews can literally live an hypocrisy, for example, that Israel
   absolutely MUST be a Jewish "ethno-state" (Muh Tanakh), whilst the
   Gentiles are absolutely denied their right to racially or even
   culturally homogeneous states and simply MUST import “Highly
   Skilled Gents Who Will Pay Our Pensions”.

 - Goyim, and in particular White Gentiles on the other hand are
   excessively burdened with conscience and their unique obligation
   to fight this ideas war in only simplicity, naieve truth and being
   strictly politically correct at all times.

 - Jews have literally transformed the world/ international banking
   regime over the last couple hundred years in particular,
   ultimately resulting in an excessively impressive pyramid of the
   BIS, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve system etc.

   This truly is one very impressive achievement (notwithstanding the
   behind the scenes murders, blackmail and funding all sides of
   almost all wars).

 - Whitie with his conscience however has gladly submitted (like a
   bride of Islam) to near any threat, intimidation, murder and
   previously homosexual compromat and now pedophilic blackmail,
   trusting every Cohen and Rosenstein on the way there (because "muh
   Jewish lawyers will never betray me of course").

And finally for today, the Jews are really very good at decimating
the self image and cultural norms of Japan (just like Ben "Ethnostate
for me but not for Thee" Shapiro):

“Japan Needs More Foreign Blood!” Whines Journalist (Who Just
Happens to be Jewish)

(above list is incomplete)

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