[Cryptography] WireGuard

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 21:22:08 PDT 2018

JL noted:
> https://www.wireguard.com/
> all this is open source

That it may be, yet being GPLv2, it's not free as in freedom, thus,
unfortunately, many integrators may have difficulty deploying it,
whereas a more free copyright may speed such deployment...


PHB tried deploying these three FUD:
> I have a similar problem with Blockchain, instead of reforming
> how we exchange money and make that cheaper, BitCoin attempts to
> redefine what we mean by money.

Cryptocurrency's definition and decentralization is intentional.
Given the free thought required, it's not expected that many will
grok the concepts early on. Thankfully decentralized cryptocurrencies
will still be around for them when they do.

> The cheapest and most effective attack on BitCoin or any other
> system of its ilk is probably to infiltrate some of the tech-bro
> sex parties and drop the tapes on the net.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies don't care about your bedroom, or
anything else. For a lot of naysayers that's probably a good thing,
a) privacy coins will break links to their smut buys, and them self
proclaimed Puritans buy a LOT of smut, b) a good portion of their
world's economy will traverse such agnostics.

> Bitcoin requires miners to sink several billions of dollars a
> year into a startup that will never ever produce any thing of
> value by design.

LOL, whatever. Volumes are already on par with Visa,
a few more years and tx rate tech will be on par,
global systems are now coming in sights of the crypto cannons.
Today: Vol_24 $13B , Instantaneous value $190B

No point continuing to debunk OP's type of FUD on this censored
list full of closed minded Bankers, Statists, Profiteers, and UnFree.

The world's evolving, you really don't need or want those things
in your money anymore.

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