Alice and Bob

Steven Schear schear.steve at
Mon Sep 10 17:06:43 PDT 2018

Alice is sending her message to Bob
Protecting that transmission is crypto's job
Without the help out of our good friend Trent
It's hard to get that secret message sent

Work tries to deposit a check of your salary
But with no crypto it'll be changed by Mallory
You think no one will see what it is, you believe?
But you should never forget, there's always an Eve

Cause I'm encrypting shit like every single day
Sending data across the network in a safe way
Protecting messages to make my pay
If you hack me you're guilty under the DMCA

DES is wrong if you listen to NIST
Double DES ain't no better that got dissed
Twofish for AES that was Schneier's wish
Like a shot from the key Rijndael made a swish

But Blowfish is still the fastest in the land
And Bruce's uses his fame to make a few grand
Use ECB and I'll crack your ciphertext
Try CFB mode to keep everyone perplexed

[Repeat hook]

Random numbers ain't easy to produce
Do it wrong, and your key I'll deduce
RSA: the only public cipher in the game
Created it helped give Rivest his fame

If we could factor large composites in poly time
We'd have enough money to not have to rhyme
Digesting messages with a hashing function
Using SHA-1'ers so I won't cause disfunction

[Repeat hook]

Password confirmed
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