The Assassination Of Donald Trump

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> Not sure what this has to do with crypto-anarchy or cypherpunk things. But may
> God protect Trump, and the USA. Trump is a great president, and protecting the USA
> from the globalist agenda and from the leftists socialist agenda.
> May the USA, and liberty prosper.
> And I am sick of all these low intelligent people trying to compare Trump to Hitler.
> I am sick of them saying that Trump and Trump supporters are "nazis" or "kkk".


> Such is utter ridiculousness and lacks any logic.
> If you want to talk about Hitler, and nazis. Nazi was short for "National SOCIALIST" in German.
> Socialism is an ideology of the left.
> And as for antifa, ANTIFA is by definition a fascist group. They are against free speech, and against other constitutional rights. They suppress
> free speech and attack those whom would disagree with them. And they attack and taunt pro-2nd amendment rallies. They vandalize, 
> taunt, and attack anyone they disagree with. The opposition to liberty, and the suppression of  those that stand for liberty, 
> through terrorism and violence is in itself fascism. How can anyone whom is against free speech, 2nd amendment, and lacks tolerance NOT be considered fascists?

That is so racist I am LITERALLY SHAKING right now ;(

CNNPC is suggesting the fake #MAGAbomber pipe bombs are inciting
the "left" to copycat.

  #BombMeToo: Internet Nationalists Receive Potential Explosive
  Devices in Mail! Terrorist Identified!

  Trump Needs to Have ICE Investigate #Bombgate – Because the FBI is
  the #1 Suspect

  Haaretz Says Trump Preparing to Put Jews in Camps

    Relax. Trump Won't Put All the Jews in Camps. Only the Democrats

> This world has come to lunacy.  

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