ByScience NewsApp: "Government corruption tops 5th annual Chapman University survey of American fears"

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Oct 22 16:54:07 PDT 2018

>> "More Americans are afraid than ever,
>> "1. Corrupt government officials (73.6 percent)

> 	notice that the objects under 'scientific study' aka american subjects are
> afraid of 'corrupt' agents, not of government per se.

"All states except Hawaii, Iowa, Vermont and Wyoming
require a regularly scheduled recitation of the pledge
in the public schools"

Abject forced indoctrination at its best.

> And it would be pretty
> funny to find out what 'corruption' means to the fine 'scientists' doing the
> poll.

Polling their corruption? That of their procurers and funders?
That would cause them to lose their government jobs.
They would have to find true and marketable work for themselves.

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