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On Sat, 20 Oct 2018 15:12:22 -0400
Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:

> The high volume of torrent traffic over i2p, 

	I wasn't aware that i2p is mainly used for torrents? 

	Last time I checked their eepsites(or whatever they are called) I didn't find anythign interesting or 'criminal'. In other words, nobody seems to be using i2p to host anything of value. And I saw more than a few sites that looked that like russian honeypots. 

> and the loooong duration of
> typical downloads (25kbps counts as 'decent speed' in there), greatly
> complicate matters for anyone doing traffic analysis, compared to the
> hit-and-run pattern of TOR usage that typically lights up an entry and
> exit router for just a few minutes per user session, during which easily
> fingerprinted clusters of packets, all of them "of interest" to
> potential adversaries, flow thick and fast.

	Which is exactly the reason why  torscum should be promoting the use of their network for filesharing...if they were honestly interested in protecting users....which of course they are not. 

> Users who expect mere software to defeat network surveillance by top
> tier actors have started out with false assumptions and end up taking
> far greater risks 

	But hey! You can use 'free' software, courtesy of the US navy to 

	'Protect your privacy and Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis."  !!! 

	Trust me, scum like shawn quinn and all the rest of the tor gang would never lie to you. 

> than they would consider acceptable if they knew about
> them.  The reluctance of intelligence services to reveal their
> capabilities by acting on what they know too often provides the best
> protection most users can get...

	...but that didn't work too well for ulbricht and a few others like him...

> :o/

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