Security Firm reminds police not to look at iPhones equipped with Face ID.

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Oct 15 17:09:45 PDT 2018

> Perhaps an
> additional security practice would be to have the phone 'learn' the face
> with some easy modification present, like the tongue stuck out, the tongue
> aimed up (or down) over the lip, or one lip over the other.  Or, maybe with
> eyes crossed.

Plausible denial.

People here could test that vs plainface look.

Legally rides the question on compulsion to perform physical acts,
work, slavery, war. Whereas many jurisdictions can already take physical
from you, pics, prints, dna. Someone's hands in the way manipulating
your face into such a pose would hopefully not match the reference picture,
but might result in broken face in more brutal jurisdictions.

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