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> >> You know it's true. Sad, but true - the defining character of
> >> the modern white male is fear.
> >
> >
> >	that's a pathetically stupid lie - the people responsible for both
> >both left wingg fascism and right wing fascism are WASP scum. You know,
> >people like peterson, trump and all the rest. 
> >
> >	
> Absolutely true. Also people like myself, and the racist hack Zenaan. I don't actively try to take advantage of being
> a white male, at least not consciously (at least not that
> I've admitted or recognized in myself), but I get the
> advantages anyway. But demographics are changing, and
>  that scares assholes like Z.

	Some demographics may be changing but the system is getting more entrenched by the day. And I doubt there's been any change in the demographics of wall street, amazon, apple, google, facebook and all the rest of the private-public-corporate-state. 

	What we are seeing is the totalitarian methods that historically were created by the right now being used by the lefty 'progressives' as well. 

	And of course Jew-Christian Totalitarians, the core of western 'civilization', whether they are on the 'left' or the 'right' share basically the same beliefs. So called feminism being a perfect example. Historically the anti-sex lunatics were bible thumping conservatives but now the anti-sez lunatics also come from the Anti Sex League which is a component of English Socialism [0]

[0] Eric Blair. 




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