Personal Black Box?

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Tue Oct 2 19:41:25 PDT 2018

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jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:

> >    And I didn't argue that any use of them is part of the surveillance state - only the system you just proposed which includes sending realtime surveillance data to phone companies.

> See why you're a jerk?  You COULD have said, "wouldn't the phone company be able to use all this information for malicious purposes, or give it to the government so it could misuse it?   And I would have said, "Are you REALLY suggesting that these OBVIOUS countermeasures WOULDN'T be added in any real system?!?!"

	Ok, fair enough. Actually you can and should send the data not to any phone company but to some personal computer you control or some people close to you control (as TDS Zenaan already mentioned)

	And the whole system is just some rather simple program running on the phone. You probably can already get such an 'app' in the nsa-google-store? ;)

	Make sure your backdoored phone doesn't detect your trigger signal and shuts down =)

> And then the rest of us could have had a good laugh, realizing that yet again, Juan was trolling yet again.

	I think a good dosis of skepticism regarding technical solutions is warranted, but meh...

>                                 Jim Bell

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