latest false flag attack?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Oct 1 11:27:40 PDT 2018

> 	I originally was wondering about the NEXT false flag attack or inside job

Smashing buildings has been done and thus if done again
won't result in much more than marginal increase in wealth
and power and control reallocation. Even mayhem in US
schools / malls has sort of become noise and resulted
in max available physical surveillance in those places
and on every street corner of every city.

Financial scams like 2008 are always effective ops because
they don't teach any of that in school to the non elite masses.

A good one would be a redux of the Anthrax mail game,
but this time say some deadly bio agent in the water supply
killing 10k+ from drinking but without transmitting further.

Folks at US Fort Detrick and RU VECTOR certainly
have that tech on standby, and the meme has been
available to independants for a couple decades now.

Basically, anything that hasn't really been done,
with high degree of sheeple panic and false saviour,
could be next.

Surely the list could envision and post more scenarios...

Perhaps most here could also minimize risk by moving
outside the big cities, becoming partly self sufficient, etc...

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