anarchist NDAs for corporate "warm and fuzzy feeling"s of control - Linus' "gentlehacker's agreement" re sec flaws

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Oct 29 20:28:40 PDT 2018

Another thin edge of the anarchist's wedge - fundamentally, as this
LWN rightly points out, "it is evidently well understood that the
power of an NDA to actually compel non-disclosure is nearly
nonexistent" - point being, the only real trust is meat-space
"ackshuall" trust IRL, and no piece of paper can ever truly

 Trust - the fundament of anarchy.

What corporations desire (and none too few humans, too) is that
warm fuzzy feeling of “control” <deep and sinister cackle echo, echo,
echoes into the dungeon>.

Nice to have the following IRL example:

 Toward better handling of hardware vulnerabilities

Build your better world already...

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