“would destroy the entire master narrative of official liberal historiography” - Ivan "the terrible" - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Oct 27 14:37:16 PDT 2018

Ivan "the terrible" was terrible to the western "elite" and Jewish
bankers running and profiting from the Slavic slave trade raids into
Russia, taking 100s of 1000s of Slavs and selling them all over "the

Bankers of yore, bankers of today. Russian slavic "near animals" of
Ivan's time, "it's the Russians!" of today.

A little history courtesy Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson:

Ivan the 'Terrible' Wasn't Terrible at All - an Oligarch-Busting,
Virtuous Hero, Demonized by the West

 … The Balkan Slavs and the Russians were at war with a huge network
 of capital at the end of the Renaissance that has yet to be analyzed
 in English. The tight bond among immensely wealthy Jews, European
 elites and Tartar empire-builders would destroy the entire master
 narrative of official liberal historiography.

 This alliance, and several others to the north and west, caused
 Moscow to engage in Herculean efforts to mobilize enough men and
 resources to keep three or four large enemies at bay simultaneously.
 This had to be done also with harsh winters, poor soil, difficult
 travel and internal divisions often goaded by foreigners. This is
 the source of the Muscovite policy of centralization and
 service-estate monarchy. It is the historical condition for the
 Russian mind and defined the Russian national character.4 

 The literature in English usually decries the “lust for power” of
 the tsars and the “massacre” of helpless Muslims and defenders of
 Kazan under Ivan IV. The official narrative is uncomfortable with
 the fact that Russia barely escaped total genocide at this time, and
 only by the total mobilization of every possible man to create a war
 machine capable of defending its own borders was Russia ever
 preserved at all. In the best of times this was a risky gamble. At
 the worst of times, millions of Russians were exterminated, enslaved
 and exploited.

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