former Bush official Bruce Bartlett: Trump not living up to Hitler's legacy - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Oct 24 00:00:22 PDT 2018

Did not expect this one!

Former Bush senior aide, Bruce Bartlett is entirely dissatisfied with
Trump's performance so far, clearly suggesting Trump is failing to
live up to Hitler's standard.

That's rather funny given that Trump recently said “You Know What I
Am? I’m a Nationalist”:

which of course the ki^Byids^BJewish media are flipping out royally
  Yids Flip Lids Over Trump’s “I am a Nationalist” Declaration

Bruce Bartlett's shocking tweets:
  Hitler was BETTER than Trump, ex-Reagan & Bush official hints
  in a tweet

As they say in NZ, “yeah, nah, funny as bro, funny as!”


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