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Not many countries have been 100% (as in absolutely, completely, one
hundred percent)


Australia up until Bretton Woods (just near the end of WWII) and
Libya under Gaddafi are two stunning examples.

In the case of Australia, we were an industrious, fair minded
Christian nation formed on a resource rich country.

In the case of Libya, it was under the authority of a benevolent
dictator in a resource rich country (essentially indisputable in the
face of the example of almost all other countries - refer factoids

Gaddafi was mocked, even by other Arab leaders.

Australia was undermined (as with most all other Western nations) by
the (((banking cabal))) and the debt based enslavement system - a
mathematically very simple system by the way - grains of rice brah :)

Where do we begin from now?

We must proclaim and hold true to those fundamentals which, in our
own context, our own time, we know to be true.

Free housing and free food are not rights.

Freedom of speech is a right.

Free transport could be a benefit of a strong and prosperous nation -
it is not a right.

Freedom to travel by one's own means, anonymously whilst safely, is a

"The community" has a right, via its "chosen" organs of power, to
sanction poor conduct, but the state, nor any other entity, may ever
take away the right.

Live your truth, connect with those who share your heart, your will,
your understanding, prosper in body as well as in spirit.

Good luck all,

Gaddafi/ Qadhafi/ Qaddafi/ Qaddhafi:

Gaddafi speech -'America hanged Saddam and we might be next! (with
-f43 (best) ~= 25MiB

50 million muslims In Europe and 80% are living on welfare
-f43 (best) ~= 20MiB

Muammar Gaddafis SHOCKING Secret
  Published on Dec 25, 2016
  Under Qaddafi’s rule, Libya  attained the highest standard of
  living in Africa, it was the only debt free country in Africa, He
  raised the literacy rate from 20% to 83%, he built one of the
  finest free health care systems in the third world, therefore
  raising the life expectancy from 44 to 75 years, Qaddafi gave women
  full access to education and employment and enabled the women to
  serve in the armed forces. Gaddafi provided to its citizens what is
  denied to many Americans or Europeans, free public health care,
  free education don't believe me? Check out the WHO and UNESCO DATA,
  Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qaddafi one of the 21st century’s
  greatest freedom fighters, the foreign powers conspired to murder
  Qaddafi, he was targeted by the CIA, France and UK since the 1970s.
  He was an enemy of the Dajjal System, an influencial enemy and had
  to be taken out. 2011 uprising was initiated and supported by Saudi
  Arabia, UAE and Qatar, may Allah trap the leaders of those
  countries with the storm of Aad, curse be upon them for betraying
  the ummah. But why did those countries betray Gaddafi? Qaddafi
  supported feverishly the Palestinian cause.
  Qaddafi hated all monarchs of the Gulfs, accusing them of being
  puppet and slaves to the west. Qaddafi supported anti-Zionist,
  pan-Africanist, and black civil rights movements. Qaddafi put up a
  communications satellite the first in Africa to bring the continent
  of Africa into the 21st century of technology. Gaddafi wanted to
  free Africans from the imperialism and the neocolonialism.

On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 08:04:16PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 03:13:17AM -0500, Ric wrote:
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLflLdIJeMw
> > 
> > Wow! Ric
> Beginning of transcript:
>  Qaddafi/ Gaddafi:
>  “Now you people in NATO listen to me - you are bombing the wall that
>   stopped African migration into Europe...
>   This wall stopped the terrorists from Al-Qaeda;
>   This wall was Libya.
>   You are destroying it, you fools...
>   For the many thousands of migrants from Africa, for your support of
>   Al-Qaeda, you will burn in hell, this is how it will be.
>  Until 1968, Libya was a monarchy.
>  70% of the population lived below the poverty line.
>  Many were illiterate and lived in simple nomadic tents.
>  It was a typical, underdeveloped African country.
>  Gaddafi provided Libyans with the kind of life that made the rest of
>  the dark continent envious.
>  Out of a desert, arose the "8th wonder of the world" - the Great
>  Man-Made River [world's largest irrigation project].
>  He was able to create a system of irrigation throughout the desert,
>  through an underground pipe network.
>  Factories and enterprises began working throughout Libya, none of
>  which were there before.
>  Not having payed a single Dinar, Libyans moved from tents into
>  apartment blocks.
>  "Rent" did not exist.  Everything - including utilities and power
>  was covered by the government.
>  "If we were to compare the way cities, such as Tripoli, looked
>   before he came to power and after ...
>   You would see that it went from an ugly village, to a city with
>   highrises, 30 years later."
>  So you want to get married?  The government would give newlywed
>  couples $64,000 USD towards buying a home.  $7,000 USD toward each
>  child born.
>  You want a car?  The government will cover 50% of the cost.
>  Petrol in Libya used to be cheaper than water - 3 cents per litre.
>  "Minimum wages were in the thousands of dollars, education abroad
>   was payed for by the state, and cases where medical surgeries needed
>   to be carried out outside of Libya, the state covered that too."
>  "But to bring lasting peace to Libya would be impossible - this land
>   will forever be torn apart by the leaders of these various tribes."
>  "They can't and don't want to be ruled by a single person."
>  That's what the leaders of the superpowers said in the 1970s.
>  Colonel Gaddafi surprised everyone.
>  He unified 140 tribes into one country.
>  Each of these tribes had their own leader - the options for Gaddafi
>  was either "scare them to death" or to buy them.
>  Gaddafi preferred the latter.
>  He promised them a heavenly existence, and he delivered on his
>  words.
>  Gaddafi:
>  “We have oil - this is what will unite us.  Oil is the reason that
>   Libya stayed as one country.”
>  Gaddafi nationalised the oil producing industry.
>  He promised that the huge profits would be fairly distributed across
>  the entire country.
>  All Libyans began to receive their share of the Libyan oil trade.
>  "When the people can see that a certain leader is raising the
>   standard of living, of course he will have a lot of supprot."
> ...

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