Earth: Cosmic rays shooting OUT of Antarctica - particles detection: Askaryan effect

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Oct 5 01:36:47 PDT 2018

This is pretty cool factoid, and undoubtedly to spur "inner Earth
sun" "theorists".

Some would say "cook theorists", but this test result makes the cook
theory look a bit less cooky, and a little more fact-y.

Bizarre Cosmic Rays Are Shooting Out Of Antarctica And Physicists
Can't Explain It

  …Thanks to the Standard Model, physicists have known that cosmic
  rays are capable of reaching and penetrating Earth. However,
  according to the model, those rays shouldn’t be able to pass all
  the way through our planet. So are the anomalous high energy
  particles measured by ANITA originating from Earth, or are they
  actually passing through it?

  Some existing physics models that exist beyond the Standard Model
  involve theories that the interactions between cosmic rays and ice
  actually produce micro black holes that open into small dimensions.
  ANITA’s first mission didn’t detect the black holes, but it did
  detect the Askaryan effect.

  Last week, a group of researchers posted a new theory about the
  rays measured by ANITA. The group, led by Pennsylvania State
  University physicist Derek Fox, suggests ANITA may have found
  evidence of a particle that lies completely outside of the Standard
  Model of physics.

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