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> >Sadly, global warming is a complete hoax, to impose a global tax, to
> fund a global "one worl order" or "new world order".
> And there is a likely (at least partial) solution at hand:  
>       2013
>     2017
>    2018
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> (Full disclosure:  I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from MIT, Class of 1980).
> While I am not sufficently convinced that, quantitatively, "global warming" ("climate change"), or more specifically AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warning) is a genuine problem,  I'd say it would be irresponsible to not prepare for the possibility that this sulfur-injection protocol will be necessary, or at least useful.

There are alternative views on this sulphur protocol:

Luongo: Jumping The Global Warming Shark

  … dimming the sun by dispersing sulfate particles into the
  atmosphere to reflect and absorb some of the energy coming from it
  to slow the rate of global warming.

  I would hope, at the very least, they are thinking of something
  thoroughly inert like barium sulfate, but they aren’t.  They are
  talking about injecting SO2 into the atmosphere.  Another word for
  SO2 is SMOG.  This is the very compound we have been regulating
  power plants to not emit.

  … The biggest impediment to this plan the researchers conclude?
  It’s not cost, because by their calculations it would be cheaper
  than any other ‘solution.’  It’s that it wouldn’t be able to be
  kept secret from the people they were poisoning.

  I. shit. you. not.

>  It should be quite cheap. Further, there are likely to be various (positive) feedback-loops associated with global warming, such as the thawing of permafrost, whose magnitude aren't well-understood.  
> I suspect that the main opposition to this idea comes from people who see "climate change" as simply an opportunity to increase government control over the world.  They think that they've found themselves one hell of a problem, but a problem which would be threatened,  like garlic or a silver bullet, or a gold cross, to a vampire.  
>                    Jim Bell  

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