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> I'm about two nines confident that Greenwald's Intercept deliberately
> burned Reality Winner. 

	if they did, that's one of the very few things they deserve credit for.

	"the cunt was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for "aiding in 650 enemy
 captures, 600 enemies killed in action and identifying 900 high[-]value targets"." 

	do you understand what that means no? How are you proposing that the cunt pay for her crimes? 

> Speaking of Greenwald, 

	he and snowden remain loyal to the US govt.

> how about the hatchet job his partner in crime,
> Laura Poitras, did on both IO Error and Mendax in her Risk film?  Random
> spiteful bitch, or faithful CIA asset?  Either way, fat USIC paycheck
> and/or mega-cred in toxic pseudo-feminist circles accomplished.  

	pseudo-feminist? Not at all. They all are true feminists and they all are feminazis. Those two words are synonymous. 

> How was Snowden's choice of Greenwald assured, and was his life in
> danger up to the moment he chose the right non-journalist to pass his
> docs off to? 

	he gave copies to different journos apart from greenwald I believe? 

> How long did it take him to realize he had been played -
> or has he even figured that out yet?  
	played how? snowden constantly parrots that journos have the divine right to filter whatever information reaches the serfs.

> To date his public presentation in
> exile remains consistent with making the best of that particular bad
> situation.
> A funny thing happened to the allegedly thousands of documents Ed handed
> to Glenn for publication:  After promising Snowden he would release all
> the docs within ten days of breaking the first big story, 

	did he promise that? That doesn't sound realistic given the fact that snowden supports censorship-by-journo. 

> Glenn sold
> them all to the highest bidder, Pierre Omidyar.  If Greenwald's claims
> about how many docs there were are to be believed, over 99% were either
> destroyed, or locked up securely for blackmail use by his new employer.

	well no doubt greenwald is a sellout, and no doubt his employer ebay-paypal has been working for the NSA since day one. As a funny side note, NSA contractor ebay is 3 years older than google.

	Regardless, I believe/would assume that snowden gave the docs to different redundant  parties because 'trusting' a single guy like greenwald is pretty stupid, and snowden is anything but stupid. 

> All I know for sure about the Snoweden Affair is that once the dust
> settled, the U.S. intelligence community got everything it wanted: 

	yeah. Not sure if snowden contributed to that or it's just that his leak was useless in the grand scheme of things. 

> Not
> just authorization to continue illegal domestic surveillance programs,
> but a clear precedent that U.S. intelligence officials are allowed to
> tell lies under oath in Congressional hearings, with no consequences
> other than high-fives back at the office later.  "Almost as if" the USIC
> had lots of advance warning and got to pick the specific battles
> themselves, with specific purposes in mind.

	True - that is a possible and lilely scenario. 

> A suggested leaker's protocol:  Pardon my language but "fuck
> journalists."  


>They need have no role until /after/ all your red hot
> docs are in the public domain.
> 1)  Use an extraordinary physical security protocol to upload an
> encrypted archive of your docs to the I2P torrent network.  Clues:  You
> need a "clean" laptop from a flea market, a home made high gain antenna,
> and a conveniently located open WiFi hot spot.  Don't forget to scramble
> your MAC address before plugging in the antenna.  Include one or more
> "medium value" docs in the clear, to assure interest in your uploaded
> archive.  In your description of the torrent, promise the key will be
> published under the same user name within a given time frame.
> 2)  A few days later, use the same security protocol, from a location at
> least hundreds of miles away from your first upload site, to post the
> key (a pass phrase, see on the same torrent tracker site
> in I2P space.

	Not sure what the point of publishing the key later is, especially if you first published some stuff in the clear? When you publish stuff in the clear you are marking yourself as a target? 

	The two steps process is to avoid getting caught while uploading the bulk of the data? 

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