Assange Journalism

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Nov 26 05:22:46 PST 2018

Very nicely put, Steve, thanks for taking such careā€¦

Every media personality who "calls out" Assange, i.e. prejudging,
without at the very least simultaneously calling out the egregious
and heinous evils of the USA empire and its organs of power such as
the CIA, NSA, military etc, is a literal shill and tool for the US
empire. Such people are prima facie (on the face of it, obviously)
evidently compromised, either by employment, by blackmail, by such
blindness as demands utter condemnation and excision from the public
discourse, or by some other hidden means.

A hot topic evidently:

 Assange Prosecution Will Focus On Chelsea Manning Era
 Releases, Not DNC Emails

Extra-territoriality of "laws" as claimed by the USA espionage
banking and military complex and their (!!) courts, is unlawful on

Every purported authority exercising power sans righteousness, is
prima facie corrupt.

Retrospective/ retroactive laws are unlawful on principle.

A jury of "peers" which is actually comprised of the employees,
ex-employees, spouses and etc of the CIA, NSA, MIC, DOD (etc) is a
prima facie biased and prejudiced jury and can never carry the weight
of righteousness nor the gravity of justice, merely some farse of
"legal process", injustice, and a manifest evil towards a fellow
man, in this case Julian Assange.

For starters Assange is an Australian citizen, so his peers would
literally have to be Australians at the very least, and perhaps by
consent he could agree to have his "peers" include e.g. some of the
folks round these parts, John Young perhaps, and or principled
journalists (not the many faced and usually lying and deceiving CIA
plants who dominate the legacy stream media outlets of course).

Just as Colin Powell waved a vial of sand murmering "weapons of mass
destruction" to justify a war destroying Iraq (which was supposedly a
war against some cave dweller in Afghanistan - Obama Bin Laden) we
now have pure revenge campaign against Assange for publishing some
facts, embarrassing to the empire but which the public had a right to
know and Assange had a right to publish.

The Collateral Murder video (USA helicopter gunship gunning down
unarmed journalists in Baghdad), and the embarrassment thereof, is
the true cause for this steamroller of evil and unrighteous
condemnation against Assange.

One could take a random stab and guess that Vault7 and vault8
possibly has something to do with the CIA (etc) literal vendetta
against Assange too:

The (USA) empire is embarrassed and wants revenge by way of making an
example of "the suffering and punishment of Julian Assange".

Americans, this is your empire.

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