HuffPost: Julian Assange Faces Federal Charges. But Let's Not Forget What We've Learned From WikiLeaks.

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Nov 25 18:25:15 PST 2018

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 05:52:19PM -0800, Douglas Lucas wrote:
> On 11/24/18 6:15 PM, juan wrote:
> > So maybe I should rephrase to something like : Assange was morally
> > obliged to publish clinton's dirty deals and by doing so he  helped
> > trump, who is his enemy. All in all, pretty ironic.
> He could have published it all at once, or filtered out stories
> carefully with collaborating media outlets. Either of those approaches
> would have been educational. Instead, he published them so as to
> "maximize impact" -- but that impact, which included holding back stuff
> to publish for the weekend before the election (when nobody would have
> time to audit the material), and to defend Trump after the Access
> Hollywood release -- was not an educational one. I've never met a single
> person who has actually read, say, Killary's speech to Wall St. or
> teased out any connections between DNC donors and anyone else. The
> maximized, uneducational impact was just to get commoners revved up and
> screaming, like Trump, "I Love WikiLeaks" in a "git your gubment hands
> off my Medicare" way.
> Look at the header here - - the goal of Team
> WikiLeaks is to maximize instances of Assange's face.
> This is what cryptobros WikiLeaks has become:
> 20 GOTO 10
> With something like 10-20 years remaining to halt global warming, Team
> WikiLeaks will be happy to run the above program until the day we all
> die. They could have done so much by sharing their ample platform with
> worthy causes, but that would have caused "brand confusion" and god
> forbid somebody be confused. That's far too much like education.

Rather than "halt global warming" (hilarious given that this year
we're hitting a maunder minimum 2+ years ahead of time), surely we
should be focused on halting global enslavement?

This is what shits a lotta folks about "shitlibs" - vehement focus on
things we can only superficially effect if at all and ignoring the
very foundations of what makes it worthwhile to be a human in this
realm in the first place.

Without freedom to freely

 - communicate/ think

 - travel

 - survive, collect water, grow food, grow plants for medicine

 - build a home (witness the many bulldozed 'alt' houses and recent
   threats to do so in Cali)

 - pursue happiness/ trade/ do business

then the rest is just superficial social issues (including for
example imposing our will on others in almost any way, say in regards
to abortion, choice to, or not to, medicate self in various ways,
issue "permits" for endless otherwise normal things in a healthy
abundant community).

We need to keep our firetrucking noses OUT of other people's'
business and lives.

But instead humans will raise their egos and impose their will on one
another. This is disgraceful, shameful, horrific in so many instances
(war, killing brown and other people) and abdicates the supposed
"Western moral foundations" that we supposedly cling to (presumption
of innocence for a random example).

Sure, complain that Wikileaks needs to do better, be less political,
stop showing Assange's face on their blog or giving more and better
warnings to potential leakers.

But FFS stop shooting the messenger!

Assange is first and foremost a human, and he's done a reasonably
bloody good job and continues to suffer great personal consequences
for the basic stand he takes, supports and lives (the right to
publish facts adverse to the interest of the empire).

We cannot fault the fundamentals of Wikileaks.

Rather than bash the messenger in the public eye, how about show us
how it's bloody done - THEN you will speak with authority.

Otherwise, support what is good. And Wikileaks, as deficient and
flawed as EVERY human enterprise is, is doing a truckload of what
"the West" ought to be bloody doing!

So much anti-Assange propaganda at the moment, anyone would think
he's being targetted by those in power.

Go read again Caitlin Johnstone! She nails this Assange attack like
NONE I've ever seen before - basically "Nothing says I'm an empire
supporting corrupt crony like attacking Assange who is struggling
mightily to speak truth to the power of the current empire"!

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