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Sat Nov 24 20:27:31 PST 2018

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 02:06:46PM -0500, John Young wrote:
> Matt Taibbi reports on Assange in Rolling Stone in a one of the more salient
> grasps of what journalism has missed about WikiLeaks feeding its maw.
> A noteworthy observation is how all the risk is taken by leakers not by
> publishers and journalists -- nor by WikiLeaks and Assange.
> Nearly every major leak to WikiLeaks (and the media) has led to the leaker
> being hammered while the publishers are awarded prizes, as with WikiLeaks.
> That is evident from the number of leakers who have been severly punished
> while WikiLeaks and Assange is showered with glory.and repetitive news
> coverage. Wikipedia's WikiLeaks entry is grotesque.
> That's asymmetric racketeering side of leakage, to the benefit of journalists,
> publishers, lawyers and public interest organizations, all of whom are granted
> special privileges by authorities and in many cases handsome donations from
> fat cats through tax benefits.
> Its as if by overdoing lauding Assange and WikiLeaks those who have taken the
> highest risk can be slighted with impunity. Only fools would leak if they knew
> what is in store for them, not just the brief attention dispensed by outlets.
> Anonymity, non-tracability and comsec, always, if leak you must. Before
> proceeding, think twice, thrice, avoid believing the glory stories. Else
> you're cannon fodder for information generals.

Of course.

And if you're leaking "for the glory" then pride is definitely the
rake about to smack you in the face as you step on it - and
deservedly so! Just ask me about humility...

Assange is being targetted. Greenwald and the "leaking" Jewish MSM?


(((Legacy Stream Media))) are sanctioned since they are well and
truly controlled.

Assange showed how pretty much anyone with a little determination can
operate (as publisher of leaks) outside that cabal ... and so an
example must be made of Assange, and has been, continues to be, and
looks like shall be soon in a significant way - let's see.

Who would duplicate Assange, knowing that some form of prison is most
likely to cut you off from the world, your children/ family, etc for
a decade? (Well I know a couple of folks, but they're rare as it

We know this much - no matter which foundational principle one stands
on, the hordes shall be set upon you, and not just from this realm
either, as we're dealing with literal satanists literally doing very
evil things.

As I understand it John, you personally demonstrated (still do) the
precursor to Wikileaks.

Jim Bell took a massive hit - double decade long slice from his life,
essentially for merely publishing a paper.

Assange is 8 years and counting, with his family and children not
allowed to visit him.

I know some in Australia who've paid the price of their family, and a
year or more "at her Majesty's pleasure" (i.e. in jail) for their
respective stands for human rights and basic principles.

In every single case I know of, from yours to those yet to be
published, a significant "price" has always been paid.

We can debate the "insufficiency of warnings" from Wikileaks to
potential leakers, and you may have a good point, but such
"improvements" will never detract from the very real price paid
personally by Assange - let's not forget this.

Standing on any foundational principle is a damnably tough haul.
Anyone thinking otherwise is heartily encouraged to bloody well stand
already and show us all how it's -really- done, with true blue balls
bro (or ovaries as the case may be).

Travel well John, and please excuse any strawmen I just shot down…

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