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> On 2018-11-21 17:45, juan wrote:
> > 	uh oh. So let's make clear what "the right" means. As Jim B. pointed out, the left/right classification comes from the french revolution. What needs to be added is that the people who sat on "the right" of the assembly were the conservatives/monarchists/theocrats or representatives of the 'ancien regime'.
> The ancient regime was theoretically absolute, and in an important sense 
> was absolute, but could not conscript,

	excetp, of course it could


> nor alter taxes from traditional 
> sense, so in a very important sense far less absolute than the regime 
> that replaced it, that wound up flaying bakers for charging more than 
> the maximum and committing hyperinflation, 

	except hyperinflation in france existed in the 18th century (that is almost 100 years before the revolution) 


	In other words you are either fuckingly ignorant, or playing retarded (something that really suits you)

	Last but not least, whatever crimes the 'new regime' commited they were simply the continuation of the crimes of the old regime. 

> after the fashion of 
> Venezuela and wiped out entire generation of Frenchmen invading Russia.
> The divine right regime of Charles the Second gave us corporate 
> capitalism, 

	lol - so the only valuable thing you've ever said is that you 'were' a leftist. The fact that you were a leftist and now are a fuckingly retarded, far-right fascist is pretty much a mathematical identity. 

	You could be a bit more entertaining if you managed to actually come up with half a thought on your own instead of robotically parroting nonsense... parroting nonsense like a good 'ex' leftist. 	

	But then again you *are* a leftist, that is an unthinking idiot. 

>Which gave us science, technology, industrialization, and empire.

	notice that's exactly what a 'progressive' socialist would say. 

	So the almost complete identity between left and right, or between western left-wing fascism and right-wing fascism is divinely embodied in fucktard James. 

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