Cryptocurrency Dark Side, Voting, Anarchism, Government with McAfee, Rose, Passio and more

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> > 	dude. The state and apple are two sides of the same coin.
> Corp hates expenses...
> - having money forcibly stolen from it and wasted on other things (tax)

	DUDE! It's not theft because the corps are not the legitimate owners.

	Furthermore, corps gladly pay taxes because a) the money comes from the consumers anyway  and b) they get even more government privileges in exchange for the taxes they (don't) pay. 

> - having to spend bribery money trying to get what it wants (lobby),

	Translation : paying ridiculously low amounts for huge privileges. 

> sometimes wasted by other corps doing same and by crooks in office
> It's not a coin, but a fuckery tryst that got suckered by Gov.
> If People and Corp joined team voluntaryist and dismissed the State,

	Except that is sheer nonsense. You are fully ignoring the nature of corporatism. Your remark is equivalent to "if pigs had win they might fly".

> they both win in that regard, and keep status quo between them.
> At least until People learn those 2 new profits were passthrough
> pricing and start trying to claw it back from Corp.
> > oh but hasnt fukerberg 'deployed' 'strong crypto' too?
> > You know, signal, funded by the US govt.
> Facebook owns whatsapp's implementation, not signal.
> Signal has less direct influences...

	LMAO!!!! 'less direct' 

	Open Technology Fund 	2013–2016 	$2,955,000

	Did I mention that your corps and the state are the two sides of the same coin? I don't think the concept is too hard to grasp? 


> They're tools... create, evaluate, use, and fund,
> as desired, or not, your call.

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