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>>> On the brighter side, now Xenan will have lots of company over there
>>> my CPunks Spam folder.  I'm sure they will get along just fine, out
>>> sight and out of mind.
>> 	I open Zen's messages to see if they include a dailystormer link. I
>can't believe he puts one or more links to the ds in every message, but
>he does.
>> 	And maybe I should expand my "uh oh" comment a bit. James used to be
>a leftist and now he's a rightist. He was a partisan and he is a
>partisan. He was a 'progressive' social engineer and now he's a
>conservative social engineer, left and right being two sides of the
>same coin.
>Ah, the Progressives!  I first got to know them back when they were
>called the New Left:  Think "Hanoi" Jane Fonda & co.  Over the years my
>on-contact categorical rejection of the New Left's message evolved into
>a personal theory that they were, wittingly or otherwise, fielded by a
>Federal domestic political warfare activity.  Their mission:  Displace
>and discredit Pacifists and Liberals who were getting way too much
>influence during the Vietnam War.  As always in mass media, nothing
>attracts attention like violence, even if it's only violent and
>deliberately offensive rhetoric; the plan, if plan it was, worked very
>In this same time frame, COINTELPRO was A Thing and the FBI went so far
>as to provide training, money, arms and explosives to Militant
>creating "shocking headlines" in an effort to equate anti-war and other
>Liberal / ComSymp sentiments with violent extremism in the public mind.
> In light of the FBI arranging for people to actually bomb banks and
>such, it would be absurd to imagine that they did not also field double
>agents, witting or witless, to present a stereotyped "made to be hated"
>pro-Commie, anti-American "Leftist" message to the Folks At Home.
>A funny thing happened after the Vietnam War:  The New Left still had
>its press contacts and professional networks, and kept right on going.
>After a few years of dormancy, Hanoi Jane married a conventional
>politician and got a faux Liberal makeover.  At about that time I
>started running into people in real life who presented as political
>activists and talked about "political correctness" as if they had some
>moral right to dictate what Liberals and Radicals could and could not
>think, say and do.  My initial reaction was "fuck y'all." Subsequent
>experience has proved my instinctive anarchist response correct.
>The Progressives worked industriously through the Reagan years, and
>managed to take over key roles in the Democratic Party.  They elected
>one of their own - The Clintons - to the Presidency.  Did the old New
>Left do that on their own, or with assistance from our Security
>Services?  I have no hard data on that, but need I mention the
>relationship established when the CIA obtained full support from
>Governor Clinton for the Iran/Contra cocaine trafficking business, and
>the infamous Clinton Body Count from that era?  Since before that day
>the present, Progressive political actors have worked hand in glove
>radical fringe Right Wing extremist elements of our "Deep State."
>The Clintons' zero-tolerance policy toward folks like the Patriot
>Movement (who remembers Ruby Ridge?), and the mass murder they carried
>out in Wayco, Texas do not impress me as evidence of an anti-Right
>agenda.  I see a commitment to Corporate interests who dictate a zero
>tolerance policy toward any kind of wildcat political organizing, not
>under the firm control of well entrenched, uber-wealthy factions in the
>U.S. political/economic ecology.
>Today our peasants outnumber our dominant aristocrats by about 3/4
>million to one, and that can't be a comfortable position for a de facto
>criminal elite to find itself in.  Populism presents an existential
>threat to the world as they know it - a world where less than
>1/100,000th of the population literally makes all the decisions
>affecting our species as a whole.  So it can't be allowed, is all.
>Anyone who doubts the identity vs. "close relationship" of the
>Progressive establishment with the Far Right needs only look into the
>relationship between Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton:  They present
>themselves in public as best buddies, and Hillary calls him her mentor.
> Her own track record for mass murder has yet to rise to Kissinger
>status - Honduras, Libya and Syria notwithstanding - but put her in the
>Oval Office and watch the fun!
>In light of the above model, the whole Left vs. Right paradigm in
>U.S. politics presents as a Big Lie.  The only differences I see
>the Parties of our duoploy are rhetorical, and a bias toward
>prioritizing service to financial services and communications
>shareholder value (Democrats) vs. Petrochemicals and Military
>Contracting industries' shareholder value (Republican).
>America's real silent majority, our classic Liberals, have no voice in
>national policy under a system that locks out candidates for elected
>office who do not meet Right Wing (Democratic Party) or Radical Fringe
>Right Wing (Republican Party) acceptance criteria.
>Meanwhile, thanks to many contributing factors that all come back to
>"make money fast, at any human cost," we remain on track for human
>extinction.  My own informal model, based on 40 years of obsessive
>attention to relevant geophysical data and models, indicates that at
>most single digit millions of humans will survive into the 2200s, with
>full extinction likely to follow within another century.  Setting an
>extinction date presents challenges:  The last humans will live under
>conditions similar to long-stay missions to Mars, but with abundant
>water and relatively convenient air pressure and temperature as major
>advantages.  As on Mars, a few minutes of unprotected exposure
>will be fatal.  One might wish our future Earth Colonists all the
>But that's another story: Search on NOVA Mass Extinction, then look for
>a mirror because WGBS no longer hosts that file.  When I'm really in
>zone, I imagine that plans for Mars missions exist to provide cover for
>technology incubators developing methods for human survival under
>upcoming atmospheric and etc. conditions right here on Sol III Prime.
>"Gentlemen, we can not allow a Mine Shaft Gap!"
>vs. we can not afford to put off the business of shutting the
>Petrochemicals industry right the fuck down, and fast.  No aboveground
>political faction on the Left or Right, so called, will stand for that;
>they would literally kill you first, in an effort to discourage others.
> So the final answer is left as a lab exercise... for all the marbles.

There IS a "Left" and there IS a "Right"...

Left=Anarcho-Communism(communalism et al)

...and an infinite number of points in between. There are people who blur the distinction between those two points or dismiss them, typically based on comparisons to One-Party Two-Faction based politricks, like the US par-tays they were indoctrinated to believe in. There is only 'left OF right' in that political system, and that 'left' is a carrot dangled to lure the non-analytical proles back to the right...

Did I mention those proles' inability to critically analyze is intentionally hobbled by the Public Indoctrination Shitstem? Now controlled by Erik Prince's sister Betsy DeVoss.

Here's the net result of that ejumicational hobbling in the realm of science, as voiced by a scientist. https://auntieimperial.tumblr.com/post/174407833324

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