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Razer g2s at riseup.net
Sat Nov 17 12:24:58 PST 2018

On November 16, 2018 4:42:08 PM PST, jamesd at echeque.com wrote:
>The violence of leftists is continually and rapidly escalating.  War 
>The only question is:  Do they wipe themselves out after killing a few 
>million or so, as in Khmer Rouge Cambodia and Szechuan province, or


I KNOW it's a total fucking waste of time to even respond to garbage like this but I feel the need to point out the Khmer Rouge were empowered by the US government and Pentagram, and certainly weren't  "left" of anything. But they ARE the goto diversionary narrative whenever schmucks like this mention the alleged genocide in Vietnam that never occurred in the wake of the US rout-departure.

Scumbags like James are the people who spit on US soldiers returning from Vietnam, so it could be blamed on antiwar protesters who weren't even allowed near returning soldier's points of departure and return.


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