Cryptocurrency: Voluntary Japan - Talks with re Bitcoin Cash BCH, Voluntaryism

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Nov 16 13:39:22 PST 2018

>> Ha. coin fucking base is one of the worst if not the worst cancer in the
>> 'cryptocurrency space'.

> Gemini is also now pumping their own centralized USDT-alike
> shitcoin called GUSD that all the retards are rushing in droves to accept.

Here's references to the Goldman Sachs Circle Coinbase USDC shitcoin scam,
along with a few other fake "stablecoin" scams

Remember, "stability" in early days is illogical and unexpected,
anyone pushing such coins is as gravely suspect as the coins
themselves... such coins being centralized, controlled, censored,
reported, anti freedom, anti privacy, etc.

Note that there are some distributed cryptocurrencies whose
consensus protocol tries doing things like encouraging spending,
holding, or other "beneficial" behaviours... by timelocking,
vaporizing, rewarding, or other mechanisms over users utxo's,
contracts, transactions, etc. You can search and post links
to those artificial influence coins if you want.

There's also category of contract pegs like DAI,
general form of which might be considered coin index funds,
derivatives, etc.

Once you desire beyond a simple digital cash, things get
increasingly more complex and likely to fail.

Doesn't mean you can't play them for what they're worth.

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