Cryptocurrency Dark Side, Voting, Anarchism, Government with McAfee, Rose, Passio and more

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Fri Nov 9 20:36:02 PST 2018

> there is a downside to
> baseless optimism.  People who think that "blockchain can't be stopped"
> "bitcoin can't be censored" etc are playing into the hands of their enemies.

Much of cryptocurrency world is dumb on that.
Yet cryptocurrency can be made reasonably hard to kill,
it's just not there yet because the dumb focused
on getting rich before getting resistant.
Crypto already much harder to kill than fiat, fiat's kill point
being exchanges known as local and central banks.

You better hope early resistant have all not sold
out to being rich, else crypto future could be fucked.

So don't fuck it, resist.

> soldier-child-mutderer as 'bodyguard'.

He's not hiring them to murder children, but
to defend selves against incoming aggression.
Ask the military scum their brass and political
schemers why they not talk about their murder.

It's still a question to be answered though.

> eggs are not a good "medium of exchange".

They're fine within their limited expiry time,
they last longer in the form of hatched chickens.

> coins, are vastly superior to
> any 'crypto currency' in many aspects. .....

Old news. Same as knowing their storage and movement
costs are much higher than crypto. And that one cannot
store them in their brain or other mechanisms like crypto.

> 'technology' because it's the most dangerous enabler of totalitarianism
> ever.


> sound money ... 'gold standard' ... counterfeited

Not so much. While it's much harder to print gold than
worthless fiat paper, any marked gold issuance marketed
as being serialized valuable controlled whatever can be
cloned by duplicating marks. And secret under / over reporting
of mining and diversions can occur, and no one really knows
who has how much existing gold where in secret vaults.

Known issuance crypto beats gold there.
And any vaults aren't thousand years old, only 10.

They both suffer from infinite divisibility, which makes it
unlikely that top secret hoards will be drawn down and
dispersed in market by any demand to get various sizes
of currency into circulation... they'll just let adoption divide
them and remain even larger kings.

> 	Bottom line :  you cannot beat the 'decentralization' and privacy of
> trading metals in person

Given the paperwork and chokepoints in both fiat and
metals, crypto is actually on par to better than them.

Yes, in person is different.

> NSA-backdoored microelectronics.

How many fucking times do people have to be told
of the profits and win waiting to be had here before
they go and found a few of them...

#OpenFabs , #OpenHW , #OpenSW , #OpenDev , #OpenBiz

>> Distributed technology is and will continue to disrupt
>> and evaporate legacy power structures.
> 	That's mostly backwards. Distributed technology REQUIRES decentralized
> political power. If power is centralized (as it obviously is) then
> 'technology' is controlled by a small corrupt technocratic mafia, as it is
> today.

Actually depends on who can continually create and bank
upon marginal advantages over the other.

The technocrats probably do not yet understand what they
could actually do by turning their tech to various evaporative

Apple seems to begin to know what it can do with strong
crypto in its phones.

> 	well, that's yet another problem with 'money' based on a 'ledger'. These
> ledger based systems are NOT commodity money so their units don't have any
> 'intrinsic' price.

Chickens and gold have no intrinsic price either.
Calling something money is nothing more than the
process of estimating its past current and future value
in relation to other things (also money candidates) on
a market, and using that data to decide however much
of it you want to put in your wallet or warehouse...
relatively aka faith.

It's only the fuckery of Governments that tries to assign a
value to some so called money other than its true market value.
Only reason their scam continues working is because
they're pretty good at it such that the masses don't lose faith,
simply they tolerate outright theft and evaporation of their money
so long as they can still use it to buy beer and tv.

If they woke up, they'd drop fiat for metal and crypto.

Convertible ledgers are fine so long as they hold true.
History shows they often turn into scams.

True cryptocurrency (ie: below)  probably won't, however
creating or finding one that is true will likely be rare.

> Now, if bitcoin was widely used, then its price would be
> more stable but at the moment bitcoin isn't really a 'currency'(it's not
> widely accepted or 'current')

Mostly duh.

However any volume_tx and volume_pairing stats will tell
you BCH ZEC and all the other cryptos are clearly being
used for something. Doesn't really matter what.

> it's used by gambler assholes who call
> themselves 'traders' for gambling.

Nothing wrong with that.
Unless you're a statist regulator.
So ignore it.

In the long term, adoption removes their influence.
So go adopt.

Or stick with chickens, gold and whatever else.

> 	so not sure what you mean by 'nonintrinsic negative'? Volatility is
> intrinsic and is negative...

No it's not a negative thing, it's greenfield early days discovery.

For a truly distributed anarchistic privacy uncontrollable
uncensored ungoverned known issuance etc cryptocurrency...
volatility is expected during run up to full steady state mass adoption,
thus volatility is intrinsic, or at least uncontrolled for. That's ok.
Presence of volatility is a positive thing, as without seeing it one
must wonder what sort of control fuckery is in place making it flatter.

Though part of this depends on whether humanity, and multiple
players, when dumped into an open market pot, do or do not,
tend to adopt smoothly, or chaotically.

For cryptocurrency in total, chaotically upward seems to be
the case so far.

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