Cryptocurrency: Steemit, Stornetta, Cpunk History

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Nov 9 00:03:17 PST 2018

One should know roughly where one came from,
and consider where one has evolved to today.
Even partial efforts to such can be capitalized
and furthered upon.

Speaking of diffing movie scripts......

> ledger

Ledgers are unfortunate, currently in many regards, indeed.
Yet how does one expect to get off the planet
by trading chickens, eggs, and shiny things
around in person.

> volatility

It's greenfield, any fuck that speaks of this as
a nonintrinsic negative is a complete statist
closed market control freak fuck.

> cuts in videos

Are an untrustworthy scam.

> a role for government long term
> empires

As it is.

The list can randomly analyze the rest.
Analyze anything posted, by anyone.
Most on it here don't have the balls.
That's sad.

Distributed technology is and will continue to disrupt
and evaporate legacy power structures. Embrace
and adopt it for the good.

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