Cryptocurrency Dark Side, Voting, Anarchism, Government with McAfee, Rose, Passio and more

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 8 22:17:38 PST 2018

> 'anti virus' scam

True. Yet only $nn.99 per copy, buy now.
Learning a little cypherpunk compsec
would be a better value.

> [what does whoever in crypto stand for and or do]

Cryptocurrency is a little like this

hundreds of little cryptos and a fuckton of surrounding
atoms trying to make it to and through the Dark Ages.

Few are in fact honest, holding and transmitting
valid philosophy and code embodied.

Most are hucksters, self promoters, liars, scams,
pointless wannabees, thieves, retards, agents,
provocateurs, copycats, shills, statist legacies,
banksters, antis, and so on.

Who knows which, and who, among them will
ring true and survive the tests being quietly
set upon them by you.

But in a way, they are all bringing forth the
message that truly new things, wholesale
changes, for the better, are possible. Is
that not good.

And that you are being given a rare chance,
once in a lifetime, in many lifetimes, to sort,
choose, and adopt the best and most freeing
among them, and to make it happen.

Already hundred of ICO's and many fake and
shit people have been run out business and
publicly excoriated. Is that not the way.

And which will be next to that fate,
and to endorse to success.

You research.
You decide.
Tell us.
Tell the world.

>> Enjoy and spread the Rabbit Hole ;)

More fun and useful than CNN, FOX, BBC,
<insert sheeples State licensed puppets here>...

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